Meet your HIIT IT! instructors! From left to right, Helene Darmanin, Daphnie Yang, Whitney Biaggi and Tricia Cramer. 

Meet your HIIT IT! instructors! From left to right, Helene Darmanin, Daphnie Yang, Whitney Biaggi and Tricia Cramer. 

HIIT IT! is New York City's Ultimate High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workout created by Certified Personal Trainer Daphnie YangHIIT IT! combines cardio, strength, core and sculpting moves in a special HIIT IT! format for a fun, intense and effective total body workout. Each body-changing class takes place in a safe, positive, supportive and motivating environment celebrating sweat, endorphins and positive energy. 

I highly recommend this class if you’re looking for a great workout and a supportive atmosphere!
— Burner 9577,


HIIT IT! classes take place at Primary in the Financial District, (26 Broadway, 8th floor) Athleta Flatiron (corner of 18th and 5th) and CAP21 Studios (18 W 18th St. 6th floor) .

  • Tuesday 7PM at Primary
  • Wednesday 7PM at Athleta Flatiron
  • Thursday 7PM at Athleta Flatiron
  • Saturday 10AM at CAP21

25$. First time students 17$! Bring water and towel to all classes. Wear sneakers and workout clothing.

New York’s newest High Intensity Interval Training-based class takes the sometimes frightening push-yourself-to-the-edge workout style and makes it much more accessible (without sacrificing intensity), thanks to founder Daphnie Yang’s infectious enthusiasm and unaffected belief in every person trying to get in just one. more. burpee.
— Lisa Elaine Held,
HIIT IT! is a combination of my cardio and my strength/core moves performed in a high intensity interval training format. HIIT IT! is designed to get you into the best shape of your life. HIIT IT! will strengthen and tone your entire body, burn fat, increase your aerobic capacity, skyrocket your metabolism, improve posture and tighten your core. Come ready to sweat and LET’S HIIT IT!
— Daphnie Yang, Creator of HIIT IT!


What is High Intensity Interval Training (H.I.I.T)?

High Intensity Interval Training is when you perform a physical activity at an all out maximum effort for a short amount of time, then follow it with a brief rest period. This then gets repeated. High Intensity Interval Training is usually a mix of both cardio and strength moves. 

What makes HIIT IT! so effective?

HIIT IT™ is effective because it improves your aerobic capacity with the short bursts of intense exercise as well as your anaerobic capacity by implementing strength moves. 

Why is HIIT IT! so revolutionary?

HIIT IT! is scientifically proven to get you fitter FASTER. HIIT IT is an extremely efficient workout- it burns calories, torches fat, increases your aerobic capacity, strengthens/sculpts muscles and increases your metabolism for up to 36 hours after the workout. 

Who can HIIT IT!?

Daphnie can modify HIIT IT™ for people of all fitness levels.

What if I have a knee injury or back problems?

Daphnie has worked with many types of injuries and can modify the workout based on your specific conditions. 

How often do I need to HIIT IT!?

2x a week. Consistency is key!