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Daphnie Yang


Daphnie Yang is a Certified Personal Trainer of twelve years and the creator of HIIT IT! She is currently sponsored by Athleta. Daphnie believes in inclusivity, positive energy and endorphins. She has a passion for coaching people of all fitness levels and athletic abilities. With her radiant personality and bright smile, Daphnie will guide, lead and motivate you through even the toughest workout!


Tricia Cramer


Tricia Cramer is an AFAA certified group fitness instructor. She has taught at NYU, Green Fitness Studio, Athleta, and Boom! Fitness has completely changed Tricia's life and she loves spreading the benefits of HIIT IT! to help others feel amazing mentally, physically and emotionally. Tricia is passionate, charismatic and dedicated and believes in using kindness, warmth and positive energy to motivate students through the most challenging HIIT IT! workouts.


Helene Darmanin


Helene Darmanin is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a Bachelors in Exercise Science from Smith College. She has her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from NYU. Her classes are focused on giving an intense and specific workout in a safe and fun environment. Helene is knowledgeable, intelligent and encouraging. She believes wholeheartedly that exercise makes life better and will motivate you to HIIT IT! HARD!


Whitney Biaggi


Whitney Biaggi is extremely excited to be a part of the #HIITFAM! She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the International Sports Sciences Association and a Certified Holistic Health Coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Whitney is a lifelong runner, including a Boston Marathon qualifier and finisher, and lover of all sports from soccer to cycling to yoga. She believes that fitness should be fun and is passionate about helping others find fit activities and plans that resonate with them to build long-lasting healthy, active lives.

With her warmth, positive energy and endless enthusiasm, HIIT IT! classes with Whitney are fun, motivating, supportive and sweaty!


Manny Enriquez


Manny Enriquez hails from Hawaii and is so excited to be on the HIIT IT! team! Manny has always had a passion for movement and wellness. Manny is a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor with a background in exercise science. He believes in mindset, movement and motivation. With his megawatt smile, Manny will help bring out your strongest and sweatiest self!


Kristina Kindseth


Kristina is an ACE certified instructor with a passion for movement and all things sweaty! She has been a HIIT IT! enthusiast for years and is thrilled to officially be joining the team.